The Queen is dead.

A queen for a moment, a queen forever.

Heidy Robles, Contributer

On Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the longest living monarch in history, passed away.

Queen Elizabeth II at the beginning of her reign.

The monarchy is a system that the people looked to for stability and unity in the United Kingdom. But the royal family does not make any direct political decisions like our president. She changed the tradition of only males inheriting the throne when she was inherited the throne and its power.

Unfortunately, she also represented an empire built on colonialism (when a nation takes control of a weaker country) and violence with Britain’s many countries still under her rule. However, Queen Elizabeth II displayed herself as a well-loved ruler and her love for corgis captured the nation’s heart. She stabilized a nation when it was filled with the uncertainty of war and economic instability. She remained calm—which is exactly what they needed.

Her passing was met with a sense of grief and loss for people across many nations.