Abbott Elementary at the Emmys

“Over my dead body!”

Asia Barber and Mx. Jo Nguyen

Buzzfeed-to-TV sensation Quinta Brunson won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in her show, Abbott Elementary.

Brunson was excited about her first Emmy and sharing the spotlight with Sheryl Lee Ralph who also won an Emmy after 45 years of acting. “It all comes from us just trying to drive our characters, trying to bring the realism of the situation into [their stories],” Brunson told Variety. “So it’s amazing that in doing that, we get to highlight what teachers go through, what their issues are. Sometimes I don’t see the impact until I hear it.”

Quinta Brunson giving her acceptance speech while Jimmy Kimmel plays dead. Photo Cred: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP/Getty Images

Before Brunson accepted her Emmy award, Will Arnett dragged a deadweight Jimmy Kimmel onto the stage explaining “Jimmy couldn’t be here tonight. It’s like the 13th time in a row that he’s lost so…” Kimmel remained “dead” on the stage throughout Brunson’s acceptance speech.

While some found it funny, others believed Kimmel was stealing Brunson’s spotlight and arguably runing an important life achievement. Brunson herself spoke out about how “she was in the moment and didn’t think much of it.” This did not stop the constant videos and TikToks in response to this act.

Other viral topic on Emmy winners for Abbott Elementary was Sheryl Lee Ralph. Already in tears as she walked up the stage to accept her award, Ralph began singing Dianne Reeves’ 1994 song “Endangered Species”—a commentary on black women barely receiving these awards.

In her speech she proclaims, “To anyone, who as ever, ever had a dream and thought your dream wasn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t come true, I am here to tell you this is what believing looks like. This is what striving looks like. Don’t you ever, ever give up on you.”

About Abbott Elementary: This 30-minute comedic mockumentary stars a group of dedicated, passionate teachers working through the struggles of a predominantly student of color, low socioeconomic Philadelphia public school. 

You can watch all of Season 1 of Abbott Elementary on Hulu and Season 2 is currently airing on ABC every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST or you can stream it on Hulu after it airs.