No Goodbyes

Felizita Eusebio

Red flashes appears with the single feeling of numbness
The home she grew to love was no longer suitable for the future
Our motherland offered not much opportunity, which left many with no choice
She planned the escape for months, even though there was no real plan
That night, she kissed her family goodnight for the last time
Not even her mother knew that was the last night they would be together

Over the years, her mother grew very sick
There was not enough money to pay for medication
Her mother looked death in his eyes
Death wasn’t so merciful, he had a habit of breaking her family apart
Her mother’s condition was deteriorating very quickly
Not even the brujeria seemed to help

It was dark outside, it was the time that the village was asleep
There was no noise, other than the drunks and stray dogs
She did not even pack clothes, there was no room for any of that
In the crisp night of her departure, she looked around one last time
The mesa where happy memories were made, looked gray
The whole house suddenly turned a deep shade of blue
Knowing she would forever leave her happy place, she sat awhile

She thought about how much she would miss her family
How much she would miss her whole life… up until this point
But she knew her motherland wouldn’t promise them better opportunities
It wouldn’t promise to take care of her ill mother and her young siblings
She was the only hope her family had and she knew that
She got up, took one last look around, and left out the door
“Ojalá que un dia, dios puede bendecirme para puede regresar a mi tierra”