Rex Orange County Isn’t My Best Friend?

Rex Orange County. Courtesy of The Guardian

The Guardian

Rex Orange County. Courtesy of The Guardian

Julissa Vallejos

Alexander James O’Connor, also known as Rex Orange County is a famous young singer who is from the U.K. He has been known for featuring in Tyler the Creator’s “Flower Boy” and his famous song “Corduroy Dreams”.


Rex has been accused of six counts of sexual assault on the same woman. Some fans are shocked, others are disappointed, and a few are in disbelief because Rex has been known for being a wholesome artist and writing nostalgic songs. Overall there are many mixed emotions about the young artist.


Some fans are saying that we should separate the art and the artist.@carla_carrenoo says,” Separate the work from the artist…YALL do it with Kanye, make it work for others too.”


Many users are saying the same thing but other fans say it doesn’t feel the same listening to him, @wowatiktokfunny says, “This song meant so much to me and now it feels wrong to listen to it, I don’t know it’s such a sweet song? How could someone do this and write this?” 


A few fans are saying that they don’t believe the victim until Rex is proven guilty. User @yahirr.77 says two things, “ Innocent until proven guilty” and “Never allowing an opportunity for proving innocent, huh? Let’s accuse everyone of anything now Scott free without having to justify anything.” 


Now Rex’s charges have been dropped. While fans are relieved and happy, others are doubtful that he is innocent.


User @heissciceenthusiast says, “I believed that Rex is innocent ever since the allegations were publicized. FINALLY!” Many people are happy that he’s found innocent but people feel like he’s still guilty


Other fans still find the case strange, user @cattiesn says “CPS in the UK is known for dropping cases all the time, this doesn’t mean he’s innocent, just that they couldn’t be asked to take him to court.” 


This debate about Rex is still ongoing.